Exhibit Lighting using RGB LED Wall Washers and Strip Lights

Our customer, who designs and builds stunning exhibits and displays, used our 24V RGB LED Wall Washers and 24V RGB LED Strip Lights to create inviting and color changing lighting for AVer USA.

They illuminated the top portion of the exhibit using multiple 24V Round RGB LED Wall Washers capable of displaying over 16 million color hues. On the bottom portion of the exhibit lining the tables and displays they used our super bright 24V 50/50 RGB Lux LED Strips for the same color changing effects throughout the exhibit. Using our 12-24VDC Master and Slave RGB Controller, with multiple slave units they controlled the entire exhibit wirelessly in unison. 24VDC Power is being driven by multiple 24VDC Mean Well Brand Transformers. The final outcome of the display with the illumination of the color changing RGB LEDs really made this exhibit a success and the client could not have been more pleased.

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